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You will clearly understand and agreed that we are not held responsible for any loss, direct or indirectly, related or specifically, sequence or exemplary, including but not limited to loss in a form of profit, goodwill or intangible losses due to :

  1. usage or inability to use this service;
  2. goods delivery and replacement service cost due to purchase of any items, data, information or service or received message or transaction through or from this website;
  3. access without approval of your delivery or data changes;
  4. statement or third party in this website; or
  5. other matters related to this website.


We can provide linkage to other website. These website are owned and operated by third party and therefore, we do not have control over these website and sources. You acknowledged and agreed that we are not held responsible on these website and external sources and will not support and responsible for any contents, advertisement, product and other material provided in the site or sources. You'll then acknowledged and agreed that we are not responsible, direct or indirectly, to any damages or losses due to or believed to be the caused or relates to the usage or depend on the content, goods or services provided in or through these sites or sources.


We can terminate your access to any part or entire services or any related services at any time, with or without reason, with or without notice, effective immediately. We can terminate or suspend your inactive account, which is, defined as failure to use the website services for certain period of time. You agreed that we are not held responsible to you or any third parties for access termination on these services.


We have the rights to make changes, modification, termination or addition to the rules at any time without notice. However, in state of emergency or to secure the website safety or beyond our control, where we find that it is deemed necessary to change, modify, terminate or addition to these rules we will proceed without further notice to you. It is agreed that your regular access and review to the rules to find out on any changes, modifications, termination or latest addition. You will then agreed that continuous access and rules usage (change or modify from time to time) will deemed as an acceptance on any changes, modification, termination or addition to these rules.


We have the rights to modify or cancelling the services (or part of the services) temporarily or permanent at any time with or without notice. You agreed that we are not responsible to you or any third party for any service modification, suspend or termination.


The titles used under these rules is only for reference and cannot be deemed as the rules interpretations.

If any of these allocations are against any current or future laws or regulations, these allocations will be isolated and these rules will be interpreted as these illegal rules are not exist and these rules together with other allocations will be fully enforced without affecting the allocations which are against the rules or illegal.