Sungai Menyala Forest Reseve in Negeri Sembilan have area of 1,305 hectare andrests with height of 20-40 metre from sea level. The geography structure show this forest is Lowland Forest and also that widen and largest in Tropica region. Apart from that, almost 15% from Sungai Menyala Forest Reseve's real area is swampy area. This has proven that rich Sungai Menyala Forest Reseve with flora biodiversity diversity and fauna. Hutan Simpan Sungai Menyala is also one of the virgin forest who were still exist in Peninsular Malaysia.

Located in location that are quite strategic namely 29 km from Seremban city centre, 4km from Sungai Sungkala, Linggi, Port Dickson, 12 km from Port Dickson City, 70km from Kuala Lumpur and 40 km from KLIA.

Development concept:
Overall, development concept and design planned at these centres is based on tonatural elements combination, historical elements, educational value and conservation. According to site finding of survey and secondary information achieved, development concept for the area is more focused to tropical forest management learning.

Therefore, basic concept that is suitable with this area is Forest for Education Conservation. To apply this concept, Sungai Menyala Forest Reseve area has been divided into 3 zones namely administrative zone, learning zone and research zone. Every zone have activity plan and levels of development that are different but have association between one another.

Activity / Facility:
Accommodation, Canteen, Hall, Showroom, Library, Office, Interpretation Track, Mosque, Stall, Biggest Jelutong Tree, Tualang Tree, Natural Pool, Eagle Habit

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Pejabat Hutan Daerah Negeri Sembilan Barat
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